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PTC heater
PTC Heater Pad
The constant temperature heating plate uses resistance wire as the main heating material, and uses thermistor for temperature control. The obvious feature of the constant temperature heating plate is that the input power changes with the change of the internal environment temperature, without the need for thermostats, temperature probes and other devices. The characteristic of the constant temperature and constant power heating plate is that the power and temperature remain unchanged as the voltage fluctuates. Mainly used for heating specific confined spaces.
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PTC Heater Box
The PTC heater uses the thermistor as the main heating material, and uses the characteristics of the resistance of the PTC to change with temperature for temperature or power control, so that the PTC heater can better ensure that the ambient temperature or voltage changes Relatively stable heating temperature or heating power. A kind of thermistor, the resistance value of the positive temperature coefficient thermistor presents a step increase with the temperature of the PTC thermistor body. The higher the temperature, the greater the resistance value.
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